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Our dedication to creating and maintaining environments where people can grow and prosper—across all three companies—has resulted in more than 1,000 proud Merritt employees contributing to their communities.



Far more than simply running a business for a half century—no small feat in itself—our anniversary in 2017 will celebrate providing a place for growth, service and personal achievement.



Our Founder, Leroy Merritt

Leroy Merritt, a man who believed in listening carefully and working collaboratively, learned the value of hard work and treating customers right in his parents’ restaurant. He brought that ethic to each new venture, creating companies where every employee and customer feels like a member of the family.

One Family. Three Companies. Five Decades of Service.

Creating Homes for Businesses

We believe in simply doing what’s right, every day for every customer. It’s a pretty uncommon notion in the commercial real estate industry, because it means going beyond what’s simply required. It means doing whatever is necessary to address your needs, put your mind at ease, and create a comfortable home for your business.

Building a Better Way

Merritt stands for respect, collaboration, and quality because that’s what our founder expected from his team. He saw these as essentials often promised but seldom delivered, so he developed a thoughtful, flexible approach to construction – an approach we follow to this day. Before we complete a project that’s worthy of your business, we believe we have to do a job that’s true to our name.

Fitness That Matters

We’re changing the way Baltimore thinks about fitness. Each facility is designed to meet the needs of the neighborhood it serves, continually evolving programs to bring people together through new experiences that support the overall well-being of our members. We’re not just supporting active lifestyles, we’re creating a happier, healthier community.